Our company

Quality policy

Our primary goals are satisfied customers and the continuous improvement of our products and services.

Quality requirements and customer satisfaction

The success of our company can only be secured in the long term if we meet the expectations of our customers through a corresponding and constant level of performance (customer requirements and legal and official regulations). We believe that quality means ensuring that our performance constantly meets requirements. We select products based on the special wishes of our customers.

Pursuing quality has always been a key guiding principle throughout our company. We want to eliminate sources of error or reduce them to a minimum using our quality management system. It is designed to ensure the long-term quality of our services and those products created by us. It enables us to convince our customers and those organisations that monitor us that quality holds a position of great importance.

We are aware that the success of our company can only be safeguarded if we meet the expectations of our customers in terms of price, performance, deadlines and service provision. We use the term quality to broadly define all of these aspects.


Quality is an issue for every employee, meaning that he or she is required to invest all their knowledge and abilities in the service of the company. For this reason, the management of the company see it as their duty to promote a sense of responsibility and awareness for quality amongst its employees, to fundamentally control the responsibilities and processes for all quality-related activities and circumstances, and to monitor the quality assurance measures.

Every single employee at the company is asked to make their contribution by taking special care to avoid errors, thinking proactively, carrying out the tasks entrusted to them reliably and thus contributing to the overall success of the company.

This spirit of mindful cooperation has been part of the company philosophy from the very beginning and everybody actively works to keep it alive. Our managers allow for openness and freedom, while our employees act responsibly in this respect. The tone is friendly and people treat each other with trust and respect.

Avoiding errors

All employees are obligated to identify deviations in quality and resolve them in accordance with the quality management system. The following basic principle applies: “avoid errors rather than correcting them later”. We view deviations in quality as an opportunity to implement a continuous improvement process at all levels of the company.

Quality management system

The Management Handbook and other applicable process instructions document our quality management system. The processes defined within them serve to implement our corporate policy. Its effectiveness is regularly checked in the form of internal audits. The management of the company is responsible for setting the goals and content of the corporate policy and for ensuring its implementation.

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