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Our company

Our philosophy

“Building for people and nature” - this is the philosophy behind our business activities. To implement this in everything we do, we follow these three principles:

  • We consciously maintain a fair approach towards one another in the team
  • We offer our customers consistently high quality
  • We protect our environment and nature

Pursuing quality has always been a key guiding principle throughout our company. We know that we can only achieve long-term success if we reliably meet the expectations of our customers in terms of price, performance, punctuality, and service. To ensure this quality we need to draw on the entire knowledge and skills of every single employee. From trainees through to Management, everyone makes a contribution towards our common goal to succeed.

It is this close cooperation as a team that has characterised our company since it was founded. Everyone is committed to living and breathing our company philosophy. Our managers allow for openness and freedom; our employees deal with this responsibly. Interactions are characterised by friendliness, trust and respect.

Treating each other with respect includes being mindful of the environment; it is, after all, the basis of our very existence. Therefore, in order to put at least strain on nature and resources as possible in our business activities, we go above and beyond the minimum statutory standards required for environmental protection. Our aim is to bring ecology in line with economics which is why we promote the environmental knowledge and skills of our team at all levels.

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