Sicherheitspolitik bei Sonntag bau

Our company

Health and safety policy

Health and safety at work

We assume responsibility for all of our products, services and other business activities. We support the principles of the health and safety policy ourselves, including all employees. We are committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions and do everything possible to prevent injuries and illness. We pledge to remove hazards and minimise risks. All employees must wear the prescribed protective gear. Consumption of alcohol / drugs is strictly prohibited.

Employees and workplaces

Every employee is aware of his or her task and personal responsibility to prevent accident risks as well as health impairments. The knowledge and skills of the employees required for this purpose are conveyed in specific training and further training courses. Safety regulations and specifications of the client, the site management or in accordance with the safety and health plan must be observed. Any defects found must be reported immediately to the line manager. Every employee is obliged to provide first aid to the best of their knowledge and to report an accident accordingly. We are committed to the consultation and involvement of employees and, where applicable, their representatives.

Legal and regulatory requirements

All applicable legal and regulatory requirements are identified through systematic rule management. We pledge to observe these sets of rules wherever we operate, to implement the recommendations of experts and to apply the current state of the art. These and internal regulations and instructions, which exist for the protection of employees, are binding for all employees. They can be viewed at any time.


We make our health and safety policy public and communicate it to all persons working within our sphere of influence. We promote open dialogue on the topics of the health and safety policy and strive to raise and strengthen awareness here. We set ourselves the goal of promoting the application of the regulations on the health and safety policy among suppliers, contractual partners and subcontractors and take their implementation into account as an assessment criterion.

Risks and opportunities

Risk management regulations are used to identify and address all risks that may have an influence on both the health and safety policy and the context of the company. A constant review of the associated information ensures that the information and standards for this purpose correspond to the current state of the art.

Occupational safety and health protection management system

Our health and safety management system is documented in the management manual and the applicable process instructions in accordance with DIN ISO 45001. Our health and safety policy is implemented by processes defined therein. Their effectiveness is regularly checked in the form of internal and external audits. The continuous improvement of the management system is a corporate obligation and thus a common standard for all employees.

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