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Environmental philosophy and environmental policy

“Building for people and nature” is our environmental philosophy.

As a company engaged in the construction sector, we maintain an environmental management system because we are aware of our responsibility to our workforce, the general public and our business partners. As part of this holistic environmental management system, the company’s goal is to continuously develop and optimise the quality of environmental and occupational safety, product safety and not least economic efficiency.

The following principles for realising our corporate goals are derived from this philosophy:

  • SONNTAG is actively engaged in environmental protection and has set itself the goal of keeping the environmental impact caused by its business activities as low as possible or even avoiding it completely.
  • The goal is to harmonise economics and ecology with the help of the environmental management system. As a result of continuous monitoring of environmentally-relevant activities, weaknesses are identified and suitable corrective measures for achieving permanent improvements are introduced.
  • SONNTAG believes that environmental protection does not only begin with the recycling of materials. Preserving resources and avoiding environmental damage to materials and processes are the company’s environmental guidelines.
  • We make our environmental policy publicly available to all interested parties (customers, suppliers, authorities and other service providers) on request.
  • We assume responsibility for all of our products, services and other business activities. We are aware of the importance of environmental protection and set the highest standards in this field across all areas of the company.
  • In the sense of active environmental protection, we do not only comply with the minimum requirements in the relevant statutory environmental regulations but exceed them in our activities.
  • Due to regular monitoring, we are able to evaluate and, if necessary, correct our environmental measures. We constantly strive to improve our achievements in the area of environmental protection on the basis of our own performance.
  • A sense of responsibility and competence in these matters permeates through all levels of our company. By utilising adequate measures and resources, we endeavour to reduce the environmental impact of our activities, including all unforeseeable events and accidents, to a minimum.
  • We promote open dialogue on the subject of environmental protection and strive to awaken and strengthen the environmental consciousness of our employees, suppliers and customers. SONNTAG expects every employ to fully support the concept of environmental protection and contribute to the realisation of the goals.

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