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Pipe jacking

Range of services

Pipe jacking is a special construction method for precision instalment or replacement of underground sewers and supply ducts with diameters ranging from DN 150 mm to DN 3600 mm.

Underground pipe jacking is the solution for high volume traffic, confined spaces, and building structures worth protecting.

SONNTAG is amongst the German pioneers in the area of pipe jacking. We have used this method of laying underground sewer pipes since 1986, and now work with the experience gained from over 500 projects in Germany and Europe. We provide the complete package from project preparation, machinery equipment, right through to executing the building project, including the construction of jacking and target trenches. We have our own specialist workshop for machine maintenance and are able to respond without a moment's delay when a change in geological conditions demands retrofitting.

Our pipe jacking range:

  • Microtunnelling (VD) DN 250 – 2800, compressed air or earth pressure
  • Section work (VOD) DN 1200 – 3600, also with compressed air
  • Cornering up to the space curve
  • New installation and replacement of pressure pipe lines
  • Culverts
  • Direct pipe
  • Pilot pipe driving (VP) DN 150 - 600 
  • Gallery construction
  • Pipe eating

The advantages of underground pipe jacking:

  • Shorter construction times
  • Work not weather-dependent
  • Extremely small space and resource requirement
  • Pipe installation at great depths
  • No expensive foundation needed
  • No drawdown of water table; minimisation of subsidence risks
  • No soil exchange; intact surface
  • Hardly any earthworks and emissions
  • Direct connection to the mains connections
  • Jacking and target trench shafts can be used for subsequent access or technical structures
  • Least possible disruption to residents, traffic, and the environment
  • Less site traffic and noise
  • Thicker pipe walls (longer service life)

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