Rohrvortrieb Microtunnelling SONNTAG Baugesellschaft

Rohrvortrieb Microtunnelling SONNTAG Baugesellschaft

Microtunneling SONNTAG Baugesellschaft

Vortireb Microtunnelling

Microtunneling SONNTAG Bau


Pipe jacking

Microtunnelling DN 250 – DN 2800

Microtunnelling is a full section procedure in which pipes are driven below the groundwater table by remote control. SONNTAG has gained experience in this throughout Europe, cooperating with partner companies on site in the respective country. As German pioneers of microtunnelling, we are able to construct the most complicated sewer systems on schedule and systematically.

We work with state-of-the-art micro-machines that enable us to replace worn-out boring tools underground. This means a reduction in the number of shafts and therefore a significant reduction in construction costs. From cohesive soils and sand through to solid rock, forward drives can be advanced through the most varied types of soil. We are also equipped for microtunnelling where the working face is supported by compressed air.

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